Have you been longing for a CHANGE?

Here is a dawn of a new day, a time of great spiritual renewal. Right across the globe, God by the instrumentality of the Holy Spirit is redefining the operations and changing the structure of His church, so as to fit into His eternal design.   All over the world men are discovering this reality and they are pressing into new dimensions of the spirit. John 12:6 says… where I am, there my servant will be also… we shall keep on migrating to the accurate position of the Lord until we reach our destination.

We experience great joy in introducing to you the prophetic and apostolic ministry of the Prevailers Church Network International. A church with a global relevance, whose ministry cuts across all races, nations, gender and age groups, influencing men in life and eternity.

Apostle Diran & Pastor (Mrs) Bolaji Ajimati

Apostle Diran & Pastor (Mrs) Bolaji Ajimati

It is a platform used by God to cut into size, shapes and assemble men for something supernatural. A centre for strategic warfare where men are trained and equipped to be militant in spiritual warfare, loving, giving and reaching out for Jesus. Harnessing and utilizing spiritual and earthly resources to establish the purpose of His kingdom.

The concept of this church is patterned after God’s Reformative Order, with the accurate biblical teaching of the present truth and apostolic Impartation aimed at restoring the vision and values of the kingdom, releasing men from the bondage of ignorance, corruption and religious traditions; thereby paving way for the empowerment of the individual member to be able to give support to the corporate church. We have the burden to see the church walk in biblical accuracy and live up to the standard of her kingdom of origin.

Come and be a part of this end-time church where you are valued not numbered and you will find grace in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.