I want to share this testimony to the glory of God.  Pastor Helen raised a prayer point on the Prevailers Church Prayer Network  [PCPN] 5AM  Everyday Life with Jesus Prayer Life Line about our records being held illegally and against our will to be overwritten by mercy.

I connected to the prayer point and told my mum.  My mum was told to leave this country and obviously the authorities held the record against her. Both myself and my mom prayed the prayer point all the time.  A few weeks after I ask my mum to come for a visit and when she got to the UK airport at Heathrow they called me and ask if I was expecting her and I said yes.  They said they would let her in but I must make sure she doesn’t overstay.  And to the glory of the most high God, they let her in. I return all the glory to God.

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